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Kedvenc könyvek 27

Amo Jones: In Peace Lies Havoc
Amo Jones: The Broken Puppet
Amo Jones: Tacet a Mortuis
Amo Jones: Manik
Amo Jones: Malum 1.
Laurelin Paige: Első érintés
Laurelin Paige: Last Kiss
Kim Holden: Bright Side
Mia Asher: Laza erkölcsök
Mia Asher: Legédesebb méreg
S. M. Soto: Ache
Trilina Pucci: Worship

Kedvenc sorozatok: Crowned Duet, Luxen, The Elite King's Club, Uralkodj magadon

Kedvenc szereplők: Asher Hunt, Baron "Vicious" Spencer Jr., Bishop Vincent Hayes, Daemon Black, Gustov Hawthorne, Jack Carter, Jackson Deveaux, Jaime Followhill, Kate Sedgwick, Liam Westbury (aka Liam Page), Nate Malum Riverside, Reeve Sallis

Kedvenc alkotók: Alessandra Torre, Amo Jones, C. J. Roberts, Calia Read, Colleen Hoover, E. L. James, Horváth M. Zsanett, J. Sterling, Jamie McGuire, Jennifer L. Armentrout, L. J. Shen, Laurelin Paige, Penelope Douglas, Vivien Holloway

Kedvenc kiadók: Álomgyár, Athenaeum, Fumax, Könyvmolyképző, Maxim, Ulpius-ház, WOW


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Szeptemberi témák:
September 2nd: Happy Birthday
I love niche little details, and so I really appreciate when characters are given birthdays, so we’re going to acknowledge some characters with known birthdays. Don’t worry if you can’t think of enough with specific dates; zodiac signs, months and seasons are close enough.

September 9th: BookTube Didn't Make Me Read It
I’m sure all of us have picked up books because someone has mentioned it on their blog or channel, or posted a really aesthetically pleasing picture on instagram.Which books did you buy (or borrow) without this influence. Where did you find it? Have you read it? Did you enjoy it?

September 16th: Reader “Canon”
We all know there seems to be a specific set of books that everyone in the community has read (with differences in the sub-communities of course). What are the ones you haven’t read, and do you want to? Or do you consider some these to be must reads for everyone interested/are they your go to for recommending?

September 23rd: Bisexual Characters
What are some books featuring bisexual characters (both explicitly and implicity stated). Also fun fact there’s only ninety-nine days left of the year.

September 30th: Autumn/Spring Vibes
Well the equinox was last week, so we are truly into the next season, so what are some books that have an energy matching the season you’re going into. Northern hemisphere, maybe these are some cozy reads, and southern hemisphere maybe these are good outdoor reads.