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Mark Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Dead Man's Money (Oxford Bookworms)
Rosemary Border: Drive into Danger (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Girl on a Motorcycle (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: Sally's Phone (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: The Cat (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: The Girl with Green Eyes (Oxford Bookworms)
Jane Cammack: The Mystery of Manor Hall (Oxford Bookworms)
Phillip Burrows – Mark Foster: Pirate Treasure (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: The Girl with Red Hair (Oxford Bookworms)
Phillip Burrows – Mark Foster: Last Chance (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: Red Roses (Oxford Bookworms)
Phillip Burrows – Mark Foster: Starman (Oxford Bookworms)
Phillip Burrows – Mark Foster: Orca (Oxford Bookworms)
Michael Dean: New York Café (Oxford Bookworms)
Rosemary Border: The Fifteenth Character (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Police TV (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: King Arthur (Oxford Bookworms)
Helen Brooke: Survive! (Oxford Bookworms)
Mark Foster – Phillip Burrows: Oranges in the Snow (Oxford Bookworms)
Phillip Burrows – Mark Foster: Taxi of Terror (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Robin Hood (Oxford Bookworms)
Phillip Burrows – Mark Foster: Escape (Oxford Bookworms)
Lester Vaughan: The White Stones (Oxford Bookworms)
Helen Brooke: Mystery in London (Oxford Bookworms)
Paul Shipton: Vampire Killer (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Star Reporter (Oxford Bookworms)
O. Henry: The Ransom of Red Chief (Oxford Bookworms)
Maeve Clarke: Give us the Money (Oxford Bookworms)
Victor Hugo – Jennifer Bassett: Les Misérables (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Sparks – Tim Vicary: The Elephant Man (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: 47 Ronin (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur Conan Doyle – John Escott: Sherlock Holmes: Two Plays (Oxford Bookworms)
Mark Twain – Nick Bullard: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur Conan Doyle – Jennifer Bassett: Sherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings (Oxford Bookworms)
Gaston Leroux – Jennifer Bassett: The Phantom of the Opera (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Hollywood (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur Conan Doyle – Jennifer Bassett: Sherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son (Oxford Bookworms)
Rachel Bladon: Factfiles: Japan (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: William and Kate (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: Shirley Homes and the Lithuanian Case (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: San Francisco (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: Under the Moon (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett (szerk.): One-Way Ticket (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: Love or Money (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Goodbye Mr. Hollywood (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: The Omega Files (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: White Death (Oxford Bookworms)
Rosemary Border: The Lottery Winner (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: Shirley Homes and the Cyber Thief (Oxford Bookworms)
Thomas Hardy: The Withered Arm (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: The Piano Man (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Mary, Queen of Scots (Oxford Bookworms)
Joyce Hannam: Christmas in Prague (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: Remember Miranda (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: The President’s Murderer (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Pocahontas (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: The Coldest Place on Earth (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: The Witches of Pendle (Oxford Bookworms)
Frances Hodgson Burnett: A Little Princess (Oxford Bookworms)
L. Frank Baum: The Wizard of Oz (Oxford Bookworms)
Judith Dean: Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: The Bridge and Other Love Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: Weddings (Oxford Bookworms)
Steve Flinders: Scotland (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Deserts (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Titanic (Oxford Bookworms)
Frances Hodgson Burnett – Jennifer Bassett: Little Lord Fauntleroy (Oxford Bookworms)
Joe Potter – Andy Hopkins: Animals in Danger (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: New York (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: London (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: England (Oxford Bookworms)
Bill Bowler: The Butler Did It and Other Plays (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Mutiny on the Bounty (Oxford Bookworms)
Martyn Ford: Five Short Plays (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: The Murder of Mary Jones (Oxford Bookworms)
Michael Dean: A Ghost in Love (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: Ned Kelly (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Sister Love and Other Crime Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett (szerk.): The Meaning of Gifts (Oxford Bookworms)
W. W. Jacobs: The Monkey's Paw (Oxford Bookworms)
Alex Raynham: John Lennon (Oxford Bookworms)
William Shakespeare – Alistair McCallum: Hamlet (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Amelia Earhart (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes Short Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn (Oxford Bookworms)
O. Henry: New Yorkers (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Dead Man's Island (Oxford Bookworms)
Oscar Wilde: The Canterville Ghost (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Henry VIII and his Six Wives (Oxford Bookworms)
Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe (Oxford Bookworms)
Bram Stoker: Dracula (Oxford Bookworms)
Alex Raynham: Leonardo da Vinci (Oxford Bookworms)
Sarah Walker: Ghosts International: Troll and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Barnaby Newbolt: Oceans (Oxford Bookworms)
Thomas Hardy: Tales from Longpuddle (Oxford Bookworms)
Harry Gilbert – Tricia Hedge – Jennifer Basset: The Year of Sharing (Oxford Bookworms)
Regh Wright: Ear-rings from Frankfurt (Oxford Bookworms)
David Herbert Lawrence: Love among the Haystacks (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Grace Darling (Oxford Bookworms)
Peter Dainty: The Love of a King (Oxford Bookworms)
Peter Foreman: The Mystery of Allegra (Oxford Bookworms)
Michael Duckworth: Voodoo Island (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: William Shakespeare (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Death in the Freezer (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Agatha Christie – Woman of Mystery (Oxford Bookworms)
Rudyard Kipling: The Jungle Book (Oxford Bookworms)
Edgar Allan Poe: Murders in the Rue Morgue (Oxford Bookworms)
Rosemary Border: The Piano (Oxford Bookworms)
L. M. Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables (Oxford Bookworms)
Captain Marryat: The Children of the New Forest (Oxford Bookworms)
Edith Nesbit: Five children and It (Oxford Bookworms)
Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett (szerk.): Songs from the Soul (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Chocolate (Oxford Bookworms)
Barnaby Newbolt: World Wonders (Oxford Bookworms)
Louis de Bernières: The Red Dog (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Marco Polo and the Silk Road (Oxford Bookworms)
Mark Twain: The Prince and the Pauper (Oxford Bookworms)
Barnaby Newbolt: Climate Change (Oxford Bookworms)
Anne Collins: John F. Kennedy (Oxford Bookworms)
Steve Flinders: The Beautiful Game (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett (szerk.): Changing their Skies (Oxford Bookworms)
Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest (Oxford Bookworms)
O. Henry: One Thousand Dollars and Other Plays (Oxford Bookworms)
Arnold Bennett: Stories from the Five Towns (Oxford Bookworms)
Edgar Allan Poe: The Pit and the Pendulum and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
John Christopher: Return to Earth (Oxford Bookworms)
Catherine Cookson: Matty Doolin (Oxford Bookworms)
Jan Mark: Too Old to Rock and Roll (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett (szerk.): Cries from the Heart (Oxford Bookworms)
Lucy M. Boston: A Stranger at Green Knowe (Oxford Bookworms)
William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (Oxford Bookworms)
William Shakespeare – Alistair McCallum: Much Ado About Nothing (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: Rainforests (Oxford Bookworms)
Jackie Maguire: Seasons and Celebrations (Oxford Bookworms)
Joyce Hannam: The Death of Karen Silkwood (Oxford Bookworms)
Anthony Hope: The Prisoner of Zenda (Oxford Bookworms)
Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Skyjack (Oxford Bookworms)
Edgar Allan Poe: Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Oxford Bookworms)
Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oxford Bookworms)
Mary Shelley: Frankenstein (Oxford Bookworms)
Jack London: The Call of the Wild (Oxford Bookworms)
Erich Segal: Love Story (Oxford Bookworms)
Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Chemical Secret (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett – Doris Pilkington Garimara: Rabbit-Proof Fence (Oxford Bookworms)
Alison Baxter: The USA (Oxford Bookworms)
Alan C. McLean: Martin Luther King (Oxford Bookworms)
Sue Stewart: Recycling (Oxford Bookworms)
Paul A. Davies: Information Technology (Oxford Bookworms)
Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass (Oxford Bookworms)
Robert Louis Stevenson: Kidnapped (Oxford Bookworms)
Edith Nesbit: The Railway Children (Oxford Bookworms)
Saki – Rosemary Border: Tooth and Claw (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Justice (Oxford Bookworms)
Michael Dibdin: The Last Sherlock Holmes Story (Oxford Bookworms)
Kenneth Grahame: The Wind in the Willows (Oxford Bookworms)
Harry Gilbert: The Star Zoo (Oxford Bookworms)
Thomas Hardy: The Three Strangers and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Geoffrey Trease: The Crown of Violet (Oxford Bookworms)
Helen Cresswell: Moondial (Oxford Bookworms)
K. M. Peyton: Who, Sir? Me, Sir? (Oxford Bookworms)
Desmond Bagley – Jennifer Bassett: Wyatt's Hurricane (Oxford Bookworms)
Diane Mowat: A pair of ghostly hands (Oxford Bookworms)
Raymond Chandler: Goldfish (Oxford Bookworms)
H. E. Bates: Go, Lovely Rose and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Edith Wharton: Ethan Frome (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: As the Inspector Said (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: The Brontë Story (Oxford Bookworms)
Arnold Bennett: The Card (Oxford Bookworms)
Gillian Cross: On the Edge (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: Australia and New Zealand (Oxford Bookworms)
Clare West (szerk.): Dancing with Strangers (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop (szerk.): The Long White Cloud (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett: Playing with Fire (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: The Everest Story (Oxford Bookworms)
Clare West (szerk.): Leaving No Footprint (Oxford Bookworms)
A Cup of Kindness (Oxford Bookworms)
Alex Raynham: Formula One (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: The Mysterious Death of Charles Bravo (Oxford Bookworms)
Alex Raynham: Future Energy (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary – Christine Lindop: Dinosaurs (Oxford Bookworms)
Aley Raynham: The Human Body (Oxford Bookworms)
Tim Vicary: Space (Oxford Bookworms)
Jennifer Bassett (szerk.): The Kiss (Oxford Bookworms)
Rachel Bladon: Animal Kingdom (Oxford Bookworms)
William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Oxford Bookworms)
Anna Sewell – John Escott: Black Beauty (Oxford Bookworms)
John Buchan: The Thirty-Nine Steps (Oxford Bookworms)
Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat (Oxford Bookworms)
Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Oxford Bookworms)
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Oxford Bookworms)
Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities (Oxford Bookworms)
Robert Louis Stevenson: Treasure Island (Oxford Bookworms)
Louisa May Alcott – John Escott: Little Women (Oxford Bookworms)
George Eliot: Silas Marner (Oxford Bookworms)
Magdalen Nabb: Death of an Englishman (Oxford Bookworms)
Clare West (szerk.): A Time of Waiting (Oxford Bookworms)
Mary Stewart: The Moonspinners (Oxford Bookworms)
C. S. Forester: The African Queen (Oxford Bookworms)
Ian Serraillier: The Silver Sword (Oxford Bookworms)
Raymond Chandler: The Big Sleep (Oxford Bookworms)
Henry James: Washington Square (Oxford Bookworms)
R. D. Blackmore: Lorna Doone (Oxford Bookworms)
Ellis Peters: A Morbid Taste for Bones (Oxford Bookworms)
Mary Wesley: A Dubious Legacy (Oxford Bookworms)
Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter (Oxford Bookworms)
Elizabeth Gaskell: Cranford (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur C. Clarke: The Songs of Distant Earth and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Rosemary Sutcliff: The Eagle of the Ninth (Oxford Bookworms)
Dick Francis: Reflex (Oxford Bookworms)
Penelope Lively: The Whispering Knights (Oxford Bookworms)
C. S. Forester: Mr Midshipman Hornblower (Oxford Bookworms)
Jane Austen: Persuasion (Oxford Bookworms)
M. R. James: The Unquiet Grave (Oxford Bookworms)
Arthur Ransome: We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea (Oxford Bookworms)
Sue Leather: Desert, Mountain, Sea (Oxford Bookworms)
Joseph Conrad: Lord Jim (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: Doors to a Wider Place (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: Great Crimes (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: Nelson Mandela (Oxford Bookworms)
Clare West (szerk.): Land of my Childhood (Oxford Bookworms)
Brigit Viney: The History of The English Language (Oxford Bookworms)
Mary McIntosh: Disaster (Oxford Bookworms)
Christine Lindop: The Price of Peace (Oxford Bookworms)
Rowena Akinyemi: Gandhi (Oxford Bookworms)
Elizabeth Gilbert: Eat, Pray, Love (Oxford Bookworms)
Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights (Oxford Bookworms)
Philip K. Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Oxford Bookworms)
Rosemary Border: Ghost Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Anne Tyler: The Accidental Tourist (Oxford Bookworms)
Isaac Asimov: I, Robot (Oxford Bookworms)
Sara Paretsky – Rowena Akinyemi: Deadlock (Oxford Bookworms)
Charles Dickens – Clare West: Great Expectations (Oxford Bookworms)
Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility (Oxford Bookworms)
Thomas Hardy: Far from the Madding Crowd (Oxford Bookworms)
Mary Stewart: This Rough Magic (Oxford Bookworms)
Charles Dickens: Little Dorrit (Oxford Bookworms)
Josephine Tey: Brat Farrar (Oxford Bookworms)
Charles Dickens: David Copperfield (Oxford Bookworms)
Katherine Mansfield: The Garden Party and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Edith Wharton: The Age of Innocence (Oxford Bookworms)
Buchi Emecheta: The Bride Price (Oxford Bookworms)
Colin Dexter: The Dead of Jericho (Oxford Bookworms)
Ed McBain: King's Ransom (Oxford Bookworms)
P. G. Wodehouse: Jeeves and Friends (Oxford Bookworms)
Clare West (szerk.): Treading on Dreams (Oxford Bookworms)
Erskine Childers: The Riddle of the Sands (Oxford Bookworms)
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: Heat and Dust (Oxford Bookworms)
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: The Fly and Other Horror Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre (Oxford Bookworms)
John Escott: American Crime Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist (Oxford Bookworms)
Wilkie Collins – Richard G. Lewis: The Woman in White (Oxford Bookworms)
John Briley: Cry Freedom (Oxford Bookworms)
Desmond Bagley: The Enemy (Oxford Bookworms)
Anthony Trollope: Barchester Towers (Oxford Bookworms)
Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice (Oxford Bookworms)
Thomas Hardy: Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Oxford Bookworms)
Reginald Hill: Deadheads (Oxford Bookworms)
Stella Gibbons: Cold Comfort Farm (Oxford Bookworms)
Alistair MacLean: Night Without End (Oxford Bookworms)
Amy Tan: The Joy Luck Club (Oxford Bookworms)
John Wyndham: Meteor and Other Stories (Oxford Bookworms)
William Makepeace Thackeray: Vanity Fair (Oxford Bookworms)
Maeve Binchy: Dublin People (Oxford Bookworms)
Evelyn Waugh: Decline and Fall (Oxford Bookworms)
E. M. Forster: A Passage to India (Oxford Bookworms)
Clare West (szerk.): Gazing at Stars (Oxford Bookworms)
Janet Hardy-Gould: Ellis Island: Rosalia's Story (Oxford Bookworms)