Várólista csökkentés 2017 22



James S. A. Corey: Caliban's War
Ben H. Winters: World of Trouble
Arthur C. Clarke: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown: Angels and Demons
Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol
Christopher Priest: The Space Machine
Mary Shelley: Frankenstein (Oxford Bookworms)
Kim Stanley Robinson: Icehenge
Kim Stanley Robinson: Red Mars
Kim Stanley Robinson: Green Mars
Kim Stanley Robinson: Blue Mars
H. G. Wells: The War of the Worlds
Philip José Farmer: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Jack McDevitt: Ancient Shores
Ursula K. Le Guin: The Word for World is Forest
Roger Zelazny: Lord of Light
John Brunner: Stand on Zanzibar
Christopher Priest: Inverted World
Dan Simmons: Hyperion (angol)