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Winston S. Churchill: The Grand Alliance

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One ​of the most fascinating works of history ever written, Winston Churchill's monumental book The Second World War is a six-volume account of the struggle of the Allied powers in Europe against Germany and the Axis. Recounted through the eyes of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the Second World War is also the story of one nation's singular, heroic role in the fight against tyranny. Here you will find pride and patriotism in Churchill's dramatic account and with reason--having learned a lesson at Munich that they would never forget, the British refused to make peace with Hitler, defying him even after France had fallen and it seemed as though the Nazis were an unstoppable force.
The Grand Alliance describes the end of an extraordinary period in British military history in which Britain stood alone against Germany. Two crucial events brought an end of Britain's isolation. First is Hitler's decision to attack the Soviet Union, opening up a battle front in the East… (tovább)

RosettaBooks, 2010
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