Mabel ​Jones and the Doomsday Book (Mabel Jones 3.) 0 csillagozás

Will Mabbitt: Mabel Jones and the Doomsday Book Will Mabbitt: Mabel Jones and the Doomsday Book

Would you agree to go on a perilous TOP SECRET mission to save your best friend from the creaking gibbet?

Mabel Jones is on her way to the city of Otom in search of the legendary Doomsday Book – an ancient document that might help her save the hooman race.

But Otom is a dangerous place, packed with soldiers, spies and stinking rebels. Can Mabel escape with the book, or will she fall victim to the dreaded Grand Zhoul . . . ?

The third adventure in the hilarious Mabel Jones series, written by Will Mabbitt and illustrated by Ross Collins.

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Puffin, London, 2017
336 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780141362939 · Illusztrálta: Ross Collins
Puffin, London, 2017
336 oldal · ISBN: 9780141362946 · Illusztrálta: Ross Collins
336 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9781101999622 · Illusztrálta: Ross Collins

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