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Warren Ellis – Mark Millar: The Authority – Under New Management

Are ​we ready for yet another take on superhero morality?Let's hope so, because The Authority: Relentless retools old ideas for a new century. Warren Ellis has his heroes think globally as they kick butt locally, stopping or slowing down to consider how they can use their powers to "make the world a better place."How he can pull this off in our oh-so-ironic age is an artistic mystery, but the results are clear: superheroes with believable personalities and community spirit. Two story arcs, each encompassing terror and evil on a global scale, pit the group of seven against armies of superhumans dispatched in scenes reminiscent of the best action movies. Many of the characters from the older Stormwatch series reappear here, and fans will be pleased to learn that Ellis has, if anything, improved his depth and storytelling prowess.Bryan Hitch's penciling, Paul Neary's inking, and Laura Depuy's coloring are all equally responsible for the gloriously lovely artwork--from interdimensional… (tovább)

WildStorm, 2000
200 oldal · ISBN: 9781563897566 · Illusztrálta: Bryan Hitch, Frank Quitely

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Warren Ellis – Mark Millar: The Authority – Under New Management

Ebben a kötetben minden van. A legvégső határig felsrófolt a tétek, egy hős halála, a hősök kompromittálódása, önbíráskodás és világmegváltás. Még az se baj hogy a kreatív csapat félúton lecserélődik.

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