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Virginia Woolf: Night and Day Virginia Woolf: Night and Day Virginia Woolf: Night and Day Virginia Woolf: Night and Day Virginia Woolf: Night and Day Virginia Woolf: Night and Day

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Katharine Hilbery is beautiful and privileged but uncertain of her future. She must choose between becoming engaged to the oddly prosaic poet William, and her dangerous attraction to the lower-class Ralph. As she struggles to decide, the lives of two other women – women's rights activist Mary Datchet and Katharine's mother, struggling to weave together the documents, events and memories of her father's life into a biography – impinge on hers with unexpected and intriguing consequences. Virginia Woolf's light, delicate second novel is both a love story and a social comedy, yet it also subtly undermines these traditions, questioning a woman's role and the very nature of experience.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1919

A következő kiadói sorozatban jelent meg: Vintage Classics Vintage

Barnes & Noble, New York, 2009
496 oldal · ISBN: 9781411432789
LibriVox, 2007
Felolvasta: J. M. Smallheer
496 oldal · ISBN: 1593082126

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Virginia Woolf: Night and Day

All was said about VW and this novel, that paves the way for her literary style that comes anew like a bomb shell dropped into the village pond… Everyone should read at least some of VW texts, to see what character really means.…

Virginia Woolf: Night and Day

Woolf stílusa még mindig bejön, de a történet nem. Ez a szerelmes katyvasz, ahol senki nincs tisztában az érzéseivel egy idő után fárasztó. Ráadásul annyira mikroszkóp alá veszi a szerelmet, hogy a végére az teljesen eltűnik, így én igazán romantikusnak se nevezném. A karakterek közül egyedül az anya volt szimpatikus, aki engem egy kicsit Mrs Dallowayre emlékeztetett. Ezeket a problémákat pedig sajnos a gyönyörű írásmód nem tudja elfeledtetni.

Virginia Woolf: Night and Day

Virginia Woolf egy varázsló – elérte, hogy ne aludjak egész éjszaka, és egy percre se vegyek tudomást a külvilágról. Kevés szerző képes velem ezt megtenni, és az egyik lelki társam minden regényével újra meg újra ámulatba ejt.

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'All this money-making and working ten hours a day in an office, what's it for? When one's a boy, you see, one's head is so full of dreams that it doesn't seem to matter what one does. And if you're ambitious, you're all right; you've got a reason for going on. Now my reasons ceased to satisfy me. Perhaps I never had any. That's very likely now that I come to think of it. (What reason is there for anything, tough?) Still, it's impossible, after a certain age, to take oneself in satisfactorily. And I know what carried me on' – for a good reason now occured to him – 'I wanted to be the saviour of my family and all that kind of thing. I wanted them to get on in the world. That was a lie, of course – a kind of self-glorification, too. Like most people, I suppose, I've lived almost entirely among delusions, and now I'm at the awkward stage of finding it out. I want another delusion to go on with. That's what my unhappiness amounts to, Mary.'

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'But for me I suppose you would recommend marriage?' said Katharine, with her eyes fixed on the moon.
'Certainly I should. Not for you only, but for all women. Why, you are nothing at all without it; you're only half alive; using half your faculties; you must feel that for yourself. That is why -' Here he stopped himself, and they began to walk slowly along the Embankment, the moon fronting them. […]
'I've been told a great many unpleasant things about myself tonight,' Katharine stated, without attending to him. 'Mr Denham seems to think it his mission to lecture me, though I hardly know him. By the way, William, you know him; tell me, what is he like?'
William drew a deep sigh.
"We may lecture you till we're blue in the face-'
'Yes- but what's he like?'

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