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A Springtime Story
Valerie Tripp: Happy Birthday, Molly! Valerie Tripp: Happy Birthday, Molly! Valerie Tripp: Happy Birthday, Molly! Valerie Tripp: Happy Birthday, Molly!

An English girl is coming to stay at the McIntires', and just in time for Molly's birthday! Molly and her friends are very excited, until Emily Bennett turns out to be quite different from the glamorous girl they pictured. Emily is shy, and she seems unfriendly. Then Molly discovers that Emily is worried about her family in war-torn London, just as Molly is worried about her father, and the girls become good friends. They even plan to turn Molly's tenth birthday celebration into a real English tea party. But the girls' friendship starts to fall apart when they can't agree about what's important, and it takes a special birthday surprise to help them patch up their hurt feelings.

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Pleasant Company, Middleton, 1989
80 oldal · ISBN: 0937295906 · Illusztrálta: Nick Backes, Keith Skeen

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Valerie Tripp: Happy Birthday, Molly!

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