Practice ​Makes Perfect 4. (Practice Makes Perfect 4.) 0 csillagozás

Ui Hanamiya: Practice Makes Perfect 4.

Going for gold, Japanese national volleyball representative, Nohara Suzuki and judo representative, Takaya Yano have finally retired their respective virgin statuses! And with all of that practice, it looks like they've begun to develop some talent in that field. Right when they start to live together and everything looks like it's going well, Nohara receives an offer to join the Italian team! So what happens to the relationship of these two national athletes? The conclusion to this sports-themed lesson in love by Ui Hanamiya.

Kodansha Comics, New York, United States, 2021
182 oldal · ASIN: B08R86PZ1H · Illusztrálta: Ui Hanamiya

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