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Tony Thorne: Shoot the Puppy

Shoot the Puppy
A survival guide to the curious jargon of modern life

Are you an energy vampire or an ideas hamster?
Are you ever tempted to open the kimono or kick dead whales down the beach?
Have you ever been affected by dumbsizing or hyperindividualization?

If you've ever wondered how grown men and women can use terms like these with a straight face, then Shoot the Puppy is the book for you. It sifts through the ever-growing (and often downright ludicrous) contemporary jargon from around the English-speaking world and explains what it all really means.
Newly updated to include the very latest words and phrases – from deep-sea data-diving to were-wolf project – it really will satisfy your infolust.

Penguin, New York, 2007
330 oldal · ISBN: 9780141027067

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