Forbidden ​Mate (Holland Brothers 4.) 2 csillagozás

Toni Griffin: Forbidden Mate

Rick Holland has watched as his brothers settled into mated bliss, quietly dying inside knowing he will never have the same. Rick has lived for the last ten years with the knowledge that his mate doesn’t want him. When his brother and Alpha asks him to take a trip will Rick have the courage to forget his hurt and move on with his life?

Jake Richmond has watched from the sidelines as his mate grew from a surprisingly sexy sixteen year old into a stunningly handsome man. He’s done everything within his power to keep that man safe—aware that his mate believes he’s not wanted but unable to reveal the truth of the situation. Can Jake finally let go of the man he loves or will everything come crashing down when the pair are thrust together in their search for much needed answers?

174 oldal · ISBN: 9781920501556

Kiemelt értékelések

Tori0925 P>!
Toni Griffin: Forbidden Mate

Az Mpreg részt leszámítva imádtam. Jack és Rick között már 10 éve tart a feszültség. Ideje volt, hogy valami történjen. Kellemes és békés kötet volt. Többnyire.
Azt hiszem ezzel búcsút is veszek a Holland testvérektől, de nem tartom kizártnak, hogy még visszatérek.

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