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Hash Table Programming with C
Thomas Mailund: The Joys of Hashing

Build ​working implementations of hash tables, written in the C programming language. This book starts with simple first attempts devoid of collision resolution strategies, and moves through improvements and extensions illustrating different design ideas and approaches, followed by experiments to validate the choices.
Hash tables, when implemented and used appropriately, are exceptionally efficient data structures for representing sets and lookup tables, providing low overhead, constant time, insertion, deletion, and lookup operations.
The Joys of Hashing walks you through the implementation of efficient hash tables and the pros and cons of different design choices when building tables. The source code used in the book is available on GitHub for your re-use and experiments.
What You Will Learn Master the basic ideas behind hash tables
Carry out collision resolution, including strategies for handling collisions and their consequences for performance

Apress, New York, 2019
206 oldal · ASIN: B07NKYSSR1

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