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Terry Goodkind: Temple of the Winds Terry Goodkind: Temple of the Winds Terry Goodkind: Temple of the Winds

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Return ​to the world of Richard Cypher, whose adventures have stirred the blood and filled the hearts of legions of satisfied readers. When Richard was a simple woods guide, he never dreamed he would get caught up in magic, war, and dangers so extraordinary that the fate of his entire world would hang on his actions and decisions. Over the course of his journeys Richard learned to accept his true role, first as the Seeker and the wielder of the Sword of Truth, and then, in Stone of Tears, as the new Lord Rahl and the war wizard who led the fight against the Keeper and his dark minions.

Everything Richard has learned thus far, all the wisdom, the magic, and the conviction he holds, will be for naught as the power-mad Emperor Jagang returns with his multitude of demonic underlings. For Richard must now challenge the impossible: the magic that thwarts magic, the three-thousand-years-sealed-away fortress of evil that has begun to infect the world with a terrible, sorcerous… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1997

Gollancz, London, 2008
800 oldal · ISBN: 9780752889771
Tor Books, United States of America, 1998
822 oldal · ISBN: 9780812551488
Tor Books, New York, 1998
822 oldal · ISBN: 0812551486

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