Shinobu ​Kokoro 2 csillagozás

Hidden Heart
Temari Matsumoto: Shinobu Kokoro

The Ninja: A stealth fighter expertly trained in ancient Japenese martial arts. Whit great acumen, and guile, his is a fiery combination of sheer force and devastating proficiency. No man can resist his skill – until now! Follow the sizzling sessions whit a young, innocent ninja-in-traning as his master teaches him the secret methods of the clan… whit a little hands-on instruction! Meanwhile, two experienced shinobi take their relationship to new heights when a tragic separation leaves one of them caught between a rock and hard place.
Filled whit over-the-top „action” boys in tight uniforms, lots of sexy no jutsu, and one very lascivious snow spirit, this romantic fantasy collection is one part passion, one part affection, and all heart.

Blu Manga, 2005
176 oldal · ISBN: 9781598160215

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