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Taylor Rylan: Ambrosius

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When ​you’re the created vampire, and discover your fated mate is a dominant dragon alpha, what could go wrong?

Master Ambrosius was created over a millennium ago and had come to terms with spending his life alone. He has his coven, his second, and a few close friends, but he continues to be haunted by the memory of his fated mate running from him in terror. That is, until the goddess sends him to Montana, and he discovers his body reacting to a sexy alpha with wide shoulders and dark eyes. Surely there’s some mistake though, right?

Emmerich was born on Treasure Ridge, the mountain his grandparents claimed several centuries ago for a reason that wasn’t yet known. Like his brother, he longs for his mate and children but knows they aren’t on their mountain. Emmerich’s dragon insisted he would find his mate in Sicily, but after weeks of searching, he comes back to Treasure Ridge, where his dragon scents the most amazing thing. Mate. When he discovers the scent is… (tovább)

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