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T. L. Martin: Dancing in the Dark

*This ​is a standalone dark romance.*


“One bronze, oval button. One push. One ding, one dong.
And it will all be real.”

I never thought it would be easy. And, yet, nothing could have prepared me for this.
For them.
For him.
The second the black walls of the Matthews House swallow me whole, I know it’s a dangerous game I’m playing. One that threatens to consume me. Taunt me. Cut, burn, and bleed me dry.
Until there’s nothing left to take.

In the end, I will find the dark in a way I never expected.
In the end . . . I will question everything.


“Ash and dust. Death and murder. When you have no soul, there’s no fear of losing it. And without fear . . . you’re limitless.”

She’s supposed to be a pawn.
A gift.
Some kind of fucked up way to screw with my head.
Another doll, another day.

But no one, not even my brothers, know the secrets of my past. None of us could… (tovább)

382 oldal · ISBN: 9780998395357

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