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T. A. Chase: Why I Love Geeks

Chuck ​Davidson has an aversion to modern technology. He likes sports, beer, and classic cars. Chuck’s a homicide detective, and it’s put a damper on his relationships. Hard to find a guy who will put up with his crazy hours. How is he to know that planning the impending death of his newest phone will bring him in contact with a cute geek who just might have a thing for rugged, slightly out-of-touch with the newest gadgets older men?

Herbert Pommerest has never been on a date or even kissed a man before. Oh, he knows he’s gay. He did all the experiments to ensure it was true, not just a rebellious phase or a knee-jerk reaction because women scared him to death. It’s easy to hide himself behind his research and daydream about what having a boyfriend would be like. Saving an expensive phone from an early demise brings him in contact with a street-wise mature detective. Suddenly Herb wishes he knew how to flirt because he’d love to take some lessons from Chuck Davidson of the… (tovább)

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