Out ​of Light into Darkness 0 csillagozás

T. A. Chase: Out of Light into Darkness

In a world where humans are treated like cattle, one man must find the courage to love and heal the vampire who owns him.

Andor's been a vampire for centuries and has never experienced weakness in his long life. Yet something runs through his blood, bringing darkness to his sight and his world. His herd of humans has been compromised by a rival, yet there is one man whose blood is pure. Unfortunately for Andor, Sven ran away from him months ago.

Sven left Andor's herd when he realised Andor would never see him as anything other than a blood donor. Being dragged back like a spoiled child doesn't sit well with him until he discovers Andor needs him.

Blindness and danger swirl around Andor and Sven as they deal with their own attraction. Will Sven s blood and love be enough to keep Andor from slipping further into the darkness threatening to claim the vampire?

ISBN: 9780857152749

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