The ​Angelfall Trilogy (Penryn & the End of Days 1-3.) 8 csillagozás

Susan Ee: The Angelfall Trilogy

The incredible YA fantasy phenomenon, not to be missed by fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

'Seriously and completely addictive.' – Glamour

The action-packed Penryn and the End of Days trilogy from Susan Ee: ANGELFALL, WORLD AFTER, END OF DAYS. Available together as a digital-only package for the first time.

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Hodder & Stoughton, London, 2015
1200 oldal · ASIN: B0166ZKKW0

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Susan Ee: The Angelfall Trilogy

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Az első kötet is nagyon tetszett de a második aztán a harmadik még jobban.Nem is gondoltam,hogy az elsőnél még lesz jobb is.Végig nagyon izgalmas és feszült volt.Pörögtek az események,soha nem untam.Kicsit megdöbbentő,néha kicsit gusztustalan (néha éreztem,hogy forog a gyomrom)és végtelenül tragikus(néha alig tudtam visszafogni a aírást).Imádtam a szereplőket. Sajnálom,hogy nincs több rész.A vége nagyon szép.Remélem ezt egyszer filmen is láthatom.Ilyen jó biztosan nem lesz, de tuti megnézem.Ajánlom mindenkinek.Aki a romantikus könyveket szereti, annak aki a krimit, annak aki a kaland könyveket és főleg annak, aki a fantasztikus könyveket szereti.Nálam kedvenc lett!

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Can I name your sword?’
‘No.’ I pull out a pair of jeans that might fit and one sock.
‘Why not?’
‘Already has a name.’

‘What is it?’
‘Pooky Bear.’ His friendly face suddenly becomes serious.
‘You’re naming your collector’s-item, kick-ass sword that’s made to maim and kill, specifically designed to bring your ginormous enemies to their knees and hear the lamentation of their women – Pooky Bear?’

4. fejezet, - World After

Chili87 P>!

I look up to say something but he puts his finger to my lips and whispers,
‘Don’t talk. You’ll just spoil my fantasy of rescuing an innocent damsel in distress as soon as you open your mouth.’

58. fejezet, - World After

Chili87 P>!

My dad once told me life would get complicated when I grew up. I’m guessing this isn’t what he meant. My mom, on the other hand, agreed with him, and I’m guessing this kind of thing is exactly what she meant.

75. fejezet, - World After

Chili87 P>!

We must be quite a sight. A cloud of scorpion-tailed, man-sized locusts blotting out the sky. And in the middle of it all, a demon with enormous wings carrying a teenage girl. At least, Raffe must look like a demon to anyone who didn’t know he was an archangel flying on borrowed wings. They probably think he kidnapped the girl he’s holding.

1. fejezet, - End of Days

Chili87 P>!

Who are you?’
‘I’m . . .’ I’m hesitant to give them my name. Raffe said names have power. ‘I’m the angel slayer.’ It sounds kind of ridiculous now that I’ve said it. It sounded better in my head, but whatever. For a moment, they all stare at me. Then, as if on cue, they burst out laughing.

35. fejezet, - End of Days

Chili87 P>!

I have to blink to make sure it’s real. I’ve never seen an angel before, not live anyway. Of course, we’ve all seen the looping footage of golden-winged Gabriel, Messenger of God, being gunned down from the pile of rubble that was Jerusalem. Or the footage of angels plucking a military helicopter out of the sky and tossing it into the Beijing crowd, blade-first. Or that shaky video of people running from a blazing Paris with the sky filled with smoke and angelic wings.

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Talkative, but talented. Who would have thought?’ I open my mouth to make a smartass comeback, then realize I’d only be proving his point, so I stay quiet, just to prove that I can.

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Chili87 P>!

So your blood must taste god-awful to ward off those things,’ I say.
‘Yes, that was a little weird, wasn’t it?’
‘A little weird? That was freakin’ Bizarroville.’ He pauses and looks back at me.
‘Are you speaking English?’

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