The ​Politics of Decontrol of Industry: Britain and the United States 0 csillagozás

Susan Armitage: The Politics of Decontrol of Industry: Britain and the United States

During ​the First World War the British and American governments exercised unprecedented powers over their respective economies. Susan Armitage has examined three major industries involved in the processes of control and decontrol in the period 1916-21: the shipping, railway and coal industries of Britain and the United States. Policies of vigorous American intervention and limited British supervision during the war developed out of different pre-war approaches: on the one hand, progressive government action to curb economic monopolies in response to consumer pressure; on the other, liberal policies of social amelioration for the working class. The American approach left few problems after ther war and the failure of Congressional legislation to continue with pre-war progressivism can be explained by a lack of executive leadership after 1919. Post-war British difficulties stemmed from the way in which many industrial disputes became social issues. Lacking a coherent policy to link… (tovább)

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1969
214 oldal · ISBN: 029717827X

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