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Sui Lynn: A Royal Bind Sui Lynn: A Royal Bind

Lance Fitz and Andrew Reed are a blissfully mated pair, but Andrew’s benefactor Stephon, a born vampire, isn't happy with the pairing, especially after he discovers Lance’s pedigree. Stephon attempts to find answers using his mental connection with Andrew, and when his efforts fail, he goes after Lance’s new shifter family. Enraged, Lance severs the tie to Stephon. He wants to tear apart the abusive vampire and free his mate and family for good. But before he can try, the family reminds Lance that the death of one vampire won't change the social status of shifters as an enslaved people. The fight won’t end with Stephon, even if Lance succeeds.

200 oldal · ISBN: 9781627980616
200 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781627980616
258 oldal · ISBN: 9781614958567

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