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Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years

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Adrian ​Mole is 39 and a quarter. Unable to afford the mortgage on his riverside apartment, he has been forced to move into a semi-detached converted pigsty next door to his parents, George and Pauline. His ravishing wife Daisy loathes the countryside, longs for Dean Street and has yet to buy a pair of Wellingtons; they are both aware the passion has gone out of their marriage, but neither knows how to reignite the flame. To cap it all off, Adrian is leaving his bed numerous times a night to go to the lavatory and has other alarming symptoms, leading him to suspect prostate trouble. Meanwhile, his mother thinks that an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show might solve the mystery of her daughter’s paternity once and for all. And when George is asked to provide a DNA sample, will the shock kill him? He is already disabled, though still chain smoking and has had an ashtray welded onto the arm of his wheelchair. As Adrian’s worries multiply, a phone call to his old flame Dr Pandora… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2009

Michael Joseph, London, 2009
406 oldal · ISBN: 0718153707
Penguin, New York, 2009
406 oldal · ISBN: 0141034734

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Honey_Fly P>!
Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years

Hogyan lehet a rákot cinizmussal kezelni? Adrian megmutatja.
Egyébként pedig pont azt kaptam amit Adrian Mole naplójától vártam. Leginkább fanyar humort, társadalomkritikát, Jeremy Kyle Show-t (aka. angol "maunika shau"), a válság hatását az angol mindennapokban. Ott is bezár a 70 éve üzemelő posta, a százhuszonéves pub (ahol már rá sem lehet gyújtani), nincs munka és Tesco Metro épül a könyvesbolt helyére. És még az eső is állandóan esik. Hát nem jobb nekünk mégis itthon? :)

Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years

Wow. Hát ez nem volt vicces. Nem mondom, hogy kicsit sem, de inkább szomorú volt, akkor is. Még ha a vége egész jó hangulatú is.

Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole – The Prostrate Years

Nagyon tetszett, bar kisse keseredes, mint az osszes Adrian Mole konyv. Egyszeruen nem lehet Adrient nem megsajnalni neha! Azert persze voltak pillanatok, amikor hangosan felnevettem :)

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My mother stuck up for my father by saying, „No, Brett, George was always fair. He neglected all of his children equally.”

Thursday 9th August


When people start to smoke a fag right down to the filter, you know the country's in financial trouble.

Thursday 9th August


[…] her face was its usual mask of Max Factor foundation and disappointment with life.


When I got to the shop, Hitesh told me that Bernard had been gone for two hours on a „book-buying expedition”. […]
When Bernard came back, I asked him what he bought.
He said, "Nothing, cocker. They were disgusting.
„Pornography?” I asked.
„No,” he said, „worse. Danielle Steel.”

Tuesday 6th November

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My father thumped me on the arm from his wheelchair. “I’d dig the hole myself if God hadn’t given me a stroke.”
“It wasn’t God, George,” said my mother, curling her lip. “It was pork scratchings and forty fags a day.”


An owl hooted in the sycamore tree opposite, reminding me that unless I went home and got some sleep I would be good for nothing the next day. I said goodnight to Pandora and added, “I will always love you.”
Pandora was silent for a long time, then said, “Was that an owl I heard?”
I said yes and she disconnected the call.


Although I was annoyed that the focus of the conversation had veered away from me yet again, I asked, “So when are you getting married?”
He said, “I don’t know. I haven’t found the right girl yet. I’m looking for a stunningly beautiful, rich and independent woman, who isn’t a feminist.”
I said, “I think you’ll find that they are thin on the ground.”
He said, quite nastily, “Do you think I don’t know that? It’s the reason I’m not planning my wedding in the immediate future.”

Honey_Fly P>!

Monday 4th June
Am I turning into one of those middle-aged men who think the country has gone to the dogs and that there has been no decent music since Abba?

Tuesday 5th June
Diary, I've been thinking about yesterday's entry and I am a little disturbed to find that I think the country has gone to the dogs and that there is nobody to beat Abba.

11. oldal - Monday 4th June

Honey_Fly P>!

'Here lies Arthur Goodchild, diligent servant of the Lord, died aged sixteen, 23rd December, 1908.'
I said, 'Sixteen, that's so sad.'
She said, 'Where is Arthur Goodchild?'
I said, albeit a little reluctantly, 'He's under the ground.' She said, 'Does his mummy miss him?'
I said 'Oh yes, a lot.'
Gracie said, 'Well, she should have dug him up, then.'

293. oldal - Sunday 2nd December

Honey_Fly P>!

When I got into the car, I asked my mother what she knew about Martha.
'She's got grown-up children,' she said, 'and her husband was killed in an avalanche.'
'Unfortunate,' I said.
'Yes, but it's a classy way to die, isn't it?'
I said, 'It depends which ski resort he was killed in. Some of them are simply a sub-zero Blackpool.'

376. oldal - Thursday 10th April

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