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Stormy Glenn: Taming a Beta's Heart

Kumiko Hara was a man others feared, a man who spent his life protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. When he meets Trevor Marshall and learns of the horrors the man had been subjected to his entire life, Kumiko decides to do everything in his power to make sure the gorgeous man is safe. Discovering that the man is his mate just makes it all that much easier.

Trevor Marshall spent the majority of his life tucked away from everyone. He has no concept of social interactions or even how to act around other shifters. He simply knows that he must follow his alpha’s words or be punished. When he finds himself mated to a man that insists his alpha isn’t the true alpha, Trevor doesn’t know if he can trust his instincts.

Placed in an impossible situation, Trevor has to decide who he trusts—his father or the stranger that makes him burn with desire.

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2014
98 oldal · ISBN: 9781627419918

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