Poppy's ​Pleasure (Assassin's Pride 2.) 5 csillagozás

Stormy Glenn: Poppy's Pleasure

Poppy ​lives in hell and has for as long as he could remember. The only bright spot he has seen in years is another prisoner being held in the cell next to him. If he can save Marcus, Poppy knows that he will have done at least one good thing in his life. He just had to find Marcus's friends and let them know that they are being led into a trap…and then go back to hell.

Dean Stone is an assassin. He's cold, hard, and without remorse. He's also pretty damn sure that he has stepped into a crazy world. His friend, Gage has mated with the cat king of a pride. His other friends are missing and the agency he works for is a complete mess. What's crazier than that?

When Dean goes to the place where he's supposed to pick Marcus up, he finds something else altogether. Poppy is sweet and innocent and about as sexy as he could possibly be. He is also scared out of his mind and clinging to Dean like a second skin. And Dean doesn't have the heart to deny the man, even when taking… (tovább)

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Stormy Glenn: Poppy's Pleasure

Sokkal akció dúsabb, mint az első kötet, és a főszereplőink igencsak nehéz helyzetben vannak. Dean már az első kötet óta nagy favorit, imádtam, ahogy mindig cukkolta Noah-t. Itt már nem csak a szerelem áll első helyen, hanem történnek rendesen az események. Részemről jöhetne a harmadik kötet, van egy tippem kiről is szólna. Poppy nagyon szeretni való karakter, és végig drukkoltam neki. Akinek tetszett az első kötet az szeretni fogja ezt is. :)

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