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Sonya Hartnett: Butterfly Sonya Hartnett: Butterfly Sonya Hartnett: Butterfly

Growing up during the 1980s in the safe complacency of the Australian suburbs, Plum Coyle should be happy. But on the cusp of her fourteenth birthday – and on the fringe of her peer group – she lives in terror of the disapproval of her cruel and fickle girlfriends, and most of all, she hates her awkward, changing body with a passion.\n\nSo when Plum's glamorous next-door neighbour Maureen, a young wife and mother, befriends Plum, Plum responds with worshipful fervour. Plum feels herself reinvented. With Maureen, she becomes the girl she's always wanted to be. But Maureen has an ulterior motive for taking Plum under her wing . . .

Candlewick, Sommerville, 2010
240 oldal · ISBN: 9780763647605
224 oldal · ISBN: 9780241144466

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