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Sherrilyn Kenyon: Illusion Sherrilyn Kenyon: Illusion

Be ​careful what you wish for…
You just might get it.
Nick Gautier is tired of his destiny. He doesn’t want to be the son of a demon who’s fated to end the world. Nor does he want to see another demon or other preternatural creature who wants to kill or enslave him. He just wants to be normal and have normal problems like everyone else.

But normality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When he gets sucked into an alternate reality where his mother has married his mentor and his Atlantean god best friend has become a human geek, he begins to understand that no life is free of pain, and that every person has a specific place in the universe… Even the son of a hated demon.

Most of all, he sees that his powers aren’t the curse he thought they were, and that the world needs a champion, especially one its enemies can’t imagine rising up to defend the ones he should destroy.

Old enemies and new friends square off for a major battle that will either restore… (tovább)

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St. Martin's, London, 2014
416 oldal · ISBN: 9781250002846

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“What are you?” Nick breathed.
Nick snorted at the arrogant tone. “No offense, I’ve met the man and he’s a lot more badass than you … prettier, too.”


Zavid grimaced in distaste. “Since I don’t hear the screeching whine of a child that makes my ears bleed, I’m assuming Nick Two is still unconscious inside the closet I locked him in.”

Caleb rolled his eyes. “Are you serious?”

“You told me not to let him get eaten or kill him until you got back. He’s not eaten and I didn’t kill him. Really, you should congratulate my restraint … which was seriously hard won.”

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So in the midst of the storm, stand proud against it, lift up your middle finger, and defy the fates with everything you have. If they want to fight, bring it.


Savitar rolled his eyes. “You know what truly terrifies me, Michael?”
“Very little?”
“Well, yeah … that’s true. But for the moment, it’s the fact that the fate of the entire universe rests in their hands.” He shifted his gaze to Kody. “You really should do us all a favor and end him while you can.”

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“Are you saying all that’s because of me?”
Savitar nodded.
Sick to his stomach, Nick turned away from the TV. “I can’t let this happen.”
“What are you going to do?” Savitar asked sarcastically. “Spill your guts on their shoes?"

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“Whatever you have planned, you might want to step it up a notch and be quick about it. We have bad guys heading in again and they’re moving double-time.”
Nick moaned out loud. “Can’t we catch a break?”
Caleb snorted. “Pretty sure one of them would be willing to break a knee or any other bone they can reach.”


“Do I really have to kill you on the front lawn of Bubba’s house? Is that truly what you want? Because, no offense, killing you is not the way to get my girl to kiss me at the end of the night. And I’d much rather snuggle with her than step over your dead body and tick her off. Pretty sure you’d rather I not kill you, too. Or am I wrong? Are you suicidal? Do we both go home happy or will I later be defacing your corpse because you got me in the doghouse?”


" (…) I don’t know what they are so I can’t even begin to guess why they’re here for me. The most common answer whenever something wants to eat or capture me is that I’m my father’s son. If you have another suggestion, I’m all ears. Personally, I’d like to be wanted for something else, like my sexy, studly appeal, once in a while.”
Acheron began pacing again. “That does explain Thorn’s interest.”
“He’s into my nerdy, sexy, studly appeal?”


“As the Malachai, you have the ability to command him in this dimension.”
“Really? ’Cause I told him to leave me alone and he definitely played Beethoven.”


“Come now, cher. No fret on that face de jolie. You done stood toe-to-toe with the
Malachai. What’s a few thousand generic demons compared to that?”
“A slaughter.”
His grin widened. “That’s the spirit.”
“No, Nick. Slaughter for us. Feast for them.”

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