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The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling
Shawn Martinbrough: How To Draw Noir Comics

Noir is just as powerful in comics as it is in films: dark angles, shadowy, high contrast images, moody lighting, an anti-hero that struggles with moral conflicts: all these elements work to create a somber, dark tone. In How to Draw Crime Noir, Martinbrough walks the reader step-by-step through layout, thumbnails, staging the action and working with actual scripts. Martinborough's art is cutting edge, has a 1940's vibe, but comes across contemporary, complelling, dramatic and urban. The book also contains twenty-two page original graphic novel, written and illustrated by Martinbrough.

Watson-Guptill, New York, 2007
144 oldal · ISBN: 9780823024063 · ASIN: 0823024067

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