Sorcerer's ​Lover II. 0 csillagozás

Shawn Lane: Sorcerer's Lover II.

The sorcerer, Warin, and his lover, the illegitimate prince, Benedict, were torn apart just as they were on the verge of escaping to their new life together. Imprisoned for his own good by his half-brother and heir-to-the-throne, Henry, Benedict dreams of being rescued and reunited with his sorcerer.

The lovers subsist on a handful of stolen encounters even as Warin plans a way to get Benedict away from his prison. As the king lies near death, a rebellion against Henry is secretly planned when he is most vulnerable.

But when the chance to escape during an attack on the castle presents itself, Benedict and Warin stay behind to fight for Henry. Will they be forced to sacrifice their chance for love and happiness for honor?

ISBN: 9781602725379

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