The ​Pixie Who Played With a Sidhe King (Mate or Meal 15.) 0 csillagozás

Scarlet Hyacinth: The Pixie Who Played With a Sidhe King

Spy or soulmate? When pixie Kieve shows up in the life of Sidhe king Sterling Tomacelli, he comes with a purpose and an agenda of his own. Even aware of his duty and believing his mate to be another, Sterling can’t help but be drawn to the pixie. And then, an attack on Sterling’s home reveals a growing conspiracy, but also the truth of their emotions.

Unfortunately, Sterling’s problems are just beginning. As the conspiracy unfolds, their friends are gradually struck down. Chaos ensues, and Sterling finds himself facing an unexpected threat from his own heart and one from his own past. It will be up to Sterling and Kieve to mend what was broken. But against all odds, against a force so much more powerful than the two of them, can they really succeed? Or are they just pawns to be sacrificed in a game with no rules?

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2014
146 oldal · ISBN: 9781632582263

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