All ​the Flowers in Paris 2 csillagozás

Sarah Jio: All the Flowers in Paris Sarah Jio: All the Flowers in Paris Sarah Jio: All the Flowers in Paris

When ​Caroline wakes up in a Paris hospital with no memory of her past, she's confused to learn that she's lived a sad, reclusive life for years in a sprawling apartment on the Seine. Slowly regaining vague memories of a man and young child, she vows to piece her life back together--though she can't help but feel she may be in danger. A budding friendship with the chef of a charming nearby restaurant takes her mind off of her foggy past, as does a startling mystery from decades prior…

In Nazi-occupied Paris, young widow Celine lives a quiet life with her father, the local florist, and her daughter, Cosi. When a ruthless German officer discovers the family's Jewish ancestry, he blackmails Celine, forcing her to become his mistress in exchange for the others' safety. The trio plans an escape, but their mission goes horribly awry and Celine's beloved father and daughter are sent away to a cruel fate. Initially distraught, Celine fears the worst. Yet she soon discovers that… (tovább)

Orion, London, United Kingdom, 2020
320 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781409190745
ISBN: 9781101885079
Center Point, 2019
500 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9781643583471

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