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Sara B. Elfgren – Mats Strandberg: The Key Sara B. Elfgren – Mats Strandberg: The Key

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The ​heart-stopping conclusion to the internationally bestselling Engelsfors Trilogy

Praised by Lev Grossman as “stunning . . . and very, very wicked,” The Circle, Book One of the Engelsfors Trilogy, introduced six teenage girls with supernatu­ral powers who became the Chosen Ones, destined to fight against the ultimate evil. By the end of the second book, Fire, only four girls remain – the last defense against the mysterious, demonic forces that have been plaguing Engelsfors.

The Chosen Ones have no chance to recover, and no choice but to rally together to try to prevent the apocalypse – even while their personal dramas threaten to tear them apart. Meanwhile, Ida may be dead, but she is by no means gone. Stuck between the living and the dead, she must find a way to aid her fellow Chosen Ones from beyond the grave.

The final installment of the Engelsfors Trilogy – an international sensation with rights sold in twenty-nine countries – The… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2013

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Overlook, 2015
864 oldal · ISBN: 9781468306736
Hammer, 2015
864 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780099568575 · Fordította: Anna Paterson
Overlook, 2015
864 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9781468306736 · Fordította: Anna Paterson

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Minoo Falk Karimi · Linnéa Wallin · Vanessa Dahl · Anna-Karin Nieminen · Rebecka Mohlin · Ida Holmström · Elias Malmgren · Mona Månstråle (Moonbeam) · Nicolaus Elingius · Gustaf Åhlander · Viktor Ehrenskiöld (Andersson) · Erik Forslund · Evelina · Jannike Dahl · Matilda Elingia · Olivia Henriksson · Rickard Johnsson · Walter Hjorth

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    So, it’s tough for Minoo. She can see that. But the reason Minoo has a hard time is because everyone expects her to be the best at whatever she does. For Linnéa, it’s the other way round. Everyone, including herself, expects her to fuck up.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Linnéa Wallin · Minoo Falk Karimi
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How is it possible to be so madly happy and so madly scared at the same time?

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Linnéa Wallin
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    It frightens Linnéa to realise how many of the others think of her as a hero now. They see her as a fighter. The truth is that she feels small and weak whenever she thinks about the court proceedings; she’s far from ready or willing to take on the role of Joan of Arc, fighting for the world’s misfits.
    After all, look how it ended for Joan.

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'[…] One life is a small matter. And yet it is everything.’

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Nicolaus Elingius
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' […] You can’t change a rotten system from within. All that comes of it is that you become rotten yourself. '

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Viktor Ehrenskiöld (Andersson)
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They won’t kill me, Minoo thinks.
Then why do you look so scared? Matilda replies without pausing.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Matilda Elingia · Minoo Falk Karimi
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‘Do you truly believe that I’m your enemy?’
‘You are certainly not my friend.’

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    What is the point of seeing a psychiatrist if you must hide everything that matters to you? Like, someone trying to murder you? Or having to save the world from a demon invasion?

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Linnéa Wallin
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    May Day Eve. People used to believe that this was the night when witches rode around on broomsticks or goats.
    No wonder I’m feeling restless, Linnéa thinks.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: boszorkány · Linnéa Wallin

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