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Salvatore Quasimodo: Selected Poems

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Penguin, London, 1970
112 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780140420869

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Arianrhod MP

Street in Agrigentum
(Là dura un vento che ricordo acceso)

There is still the wind that I remember
firing the manes of horses, racing,
slanting, across the plains,
the wind that stains and scours the sandstone,
and the heart of gloomy columns, telamons,
overthrown in the grass. Spirit of the ancients, grey
with rancour, return on the wind,
breathe in that feather-light moss
that covers those giants, hurled down by heaven.
How alone in the space that’s still yours!
And greater, your pain, if you hear, once more,
the sound that moves, far off, towards the sea,
where Hesperus streaks the sky with morning:
the jew’s-harp vibrates
in the waggoner’s mouth
as he climbs the hill of moonlight, slow,
in the murmur of Saracen olive trees.

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Arianrhod MP

I forget the passage of herons and cranes,
through the air of green highlands
to the fields and rivers of Lombardy.

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Arianrhod MP

Horses of Volcanoes And The Moon
(Isole che ho abitato)

I inhabited islands
green on a motionless sea.

Shores of scorched seaweed, marine fossils,
where the horses of volcanoes and the moon
amorously race.

In the hours of landslides
leaves, cranes, assault the air:
in the light of the flood clouded
skies shine, open to stars;

doves fly
with the naked shoulders of children.

Here the earth ends;
with blood and sweat
I fashion a prison.

For you I will hurl myself
at the feet of the powerful,
sweeten my brigand’s heart.

But hunted by men
I still lie beneath the lightning flash
a child with open hands,
on the banks of woods and rivers:

there is the quarry of Greek orange-trees
fertilized by the nuptials of gods.

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