Bravura (Portentous Destiny 3.) 0 csillagozás

S. E. Rose: Bravura

She didn’t see it coming. Why would she? He was blind to the truth. And now, they are running from the enemy, but is it too late?

Zoe Greene never thought a vacation fling would follow her home. She’s a party girl that hasn’t dealt with her past. But is she ready to face her personal demons in the form of a sexy businessman?

Cody Cunningham is on the fast track to success. He’s nowhere close to settling down, but then he meets Zoe. Could she be the one that changes everything?

Their blooming romance is quickly complicated by a string of crimes. Only they don’t know who is behind them or why, until the truth begins to unfold. Will they be able to hold onto each other while they fight an enemy they thought was dead?

338 oldal · ISBN: 9781720135838

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