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Rosamunde Pilcher: Voices in Summer Rosamunde Pilcher: Voices in Summer Rosamunde Pilcher: Voices in Summer

Laura, newly married and ever conscious she may be living in the shadow of her husband Alec's first wife, decides to take a holiday with his family in Cornwall. Through the long hot summer days she is slowly charmed by the beautiful old house and the people she learns to know and love. In time, her uneasy spirit is shooted by the sparkling, brilliant sea and her restless heart is finally calmed.

But is this new-found tranquillity too good to be true? For with the arrival of an anonymous letter, one accusing her of having an affair, Laura's world is thrown into turmoil . . .

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1985

St. Martin's, London, 1990
304 oldal · ISBN: 9780312925277

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