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Roger Hobbs: Ghostman Roger Hobbs: Ghostman

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Stunningly ​dark, hugely intelligent and thoroughly addictive, Ghostman announces the arrival of an exciting and highly distinctive novelist.

When a casino robbery in Atlantic City goes horribly awry, the man who orchestrated it is obliged to call in a favor from someone who’s occasionally called Jack. While it’s doubtful that anyone knows his actual name or anything at all about his true identity, or even if he’s still alive, he’s in his mid-thirties and lives completely off the grid, a criminal’s criminal who does entirely as he pleases and is almost impossible to get in touch with. But within hours a private jet is flying this exceptionally experienced fixer and cleaner-upper from Seattle to New Jersey and right into a spectacular mess: one heister dead in the parking lot, another winged but on the run, the shooter a complete mystery, the $1.2 million in freshly printed bills god knows where and the FBI already waiting for Jack at the airport, to be joined shortly by… (tovább)

Corgi, 2014
400 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780552169165
Knopf, New York, 2013
328 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9780307959966
Vintage, London, 2013
336 oldal · ISBN: 9780307959973

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