Freefall (Dragons of Ardaine 3.) 0 csillagozás

Roe Horvat: Freefall

When ​his parents try to coerce him into a marriage with an obnoxious, snobbish alpha, Ansel escapes to his granddad’s off-grid cabin. There he can gather the courage to make some tough decisions. After an unusually stormy night, Ansel ventures out to investigate the damage, and finds…a dragon. An actual, live dragon that crashed into the forest. Ansel fully expects to become the beast’s breakfast. Instead, the creature politely greets him before transforming into a naked man and inviting himself over for tea.
At almost forty, Pascal would like to think he’s not reckless anymore. But when he goes flying without checking the weather first, and crashes during a storm, dislocates a shoulder, sprains a wing, and lets a human omega see him in dragon form, he realizes he’s made a colossal mess. To top it off, his dragon-side decides that the little omega must be his mate. A nineteen-year-old sophomore! It’s pure luck that Ansel doesn’t study at the college where Pascal teaches, or… (tovább)

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