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A Commodore 64 Retrospective
Roberto Dillon: Ready

How ​did the Commodore 64 conquer the hearts of millions and become a platform people still actively develop for even today? What made it so special?
This book will appeal to both those who like tinkering with old technology as a hobby and nostalgic readers who simply want to enjoy a trip down memory lane. It discusses in a concise but rigorous format the different areas of home gaming and personal computing where the C64 managed to innovate and push forward existing boundaries.
Starting from Jack Tramiel's vision of designing computers „for the masses, not the classes,” the book introduces the 6510, VIC-II and SID chips that made the C64 unique. It briefly discusses its BASIC programming language and then proceeds to illustrate not only many of the games that are still so fondly remembered but also the first generation of game engines that made game development more approachable -− among other topics that are often neglected but are necessary to provide a comprehensive… (tovább)

Springer, Leverkusen, 2015
158 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9789812873408 · ASIN: 9812873406

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