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Robert Louis Stevenson: Catriona (angol)

Catriona is the sequel to Kidnapped and one of Stevenson's own favorites. He considered it his „high water mark,” saying he would „never do a better book.”
    We rejoin David Balfour, who, no sooner than he's back in his Edinburgh estate, gets caught up in the aftermath of the Appin murder. He knows the accused man is innocent and plans to testify, but is waylaid by adventure, during the course of which he falls in love with the Rob Roy Macgregor's granddaughter, Catriona. Obstacles plague Balfour, but the struggle is the story. We give nothing away by saying it ends on a hopeful note.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1893

Canongate, Edinburgh, 1990
288 oldal · ISBN: 9780862412333

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