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Rick Beech: The Practical Illustrated Encyclopedia of Origami

Origami ​is intricate and delicate, amusing and entertaining, beautiful yet inexpensive, and made from one of man's most versatile creations. No wonder origami was revered by the ancient Japanese, adored by children around the world and throughout the ages, and is now regarded as a creative and sophisticated art form.

The Origami Handbook is the first fully comprehensive practical guide that combines a fascinating history of the art, an inspirational gallery featuring the work of the world's top origamists, detailed descriptions of paper to use, and over 80 step-by-step projects to entertain, challenge and delight.

Trace the origins of paperfolding from its birth in China 2,000 years ago to the development of the term „origami” in Japan, where it was a significant part of the ceremonial life of Samurai warriors.

Be inspired by the breathtaking works of some of the world's most highly respected origamists, and find out how to create an enchanting range of… (tovább)

Anness, United States, 2009
264 oldal · ISBN: 9780754819820

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