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Guide To Building Software Robots, Automate Repetitive Tasks & Become An RPA Consultant
Richard Murdoch: Robotic Process Automation

Robotics ​& Cognitive technology is changing the world around you
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an exciting field that is revolutionizing the way tasks are done. Algorithms are taking over the jobs done by individuals in various markets. RPA is perfect for eliminating redundant, repetitive tasks that are holding you back from working on things that really require your attention. We are on the cusp of a revolution that is going to eliminate a lot of jobs. Rather than wait for your own job to get automated or redundant, we recommend joining the automation revolution and obtaining the skills that will enable further automation.

Rise of the Robots
This is the perfect book for you if you are looking to become an automation consultant – a field that is poised to grow dramatically in the next few years with mass unemployment becoming an increasingly probable reality. Getting into automation by specializing in RPA is an option for people who are programmers as… (tovább)

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