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Ramsey Campbell: Needing Ghosts

He mustn't imagine the worst, or he'll be lost…

But Simon Mottershead is already lost. Stumbling through the streets of his home town, he's searching for his family, for his identity as a published writer whose talent is almost too big to bear. And all the time, reality is playing cruel, unearthly tricks.

Needing Ghosts is one day in Simon's world. One day in which he doesn't need to imagine the worst. It's all around him…

Ramsey Campbell was born to disturb. He is internationally hailed for his unique skills in keeping the reader's nerves aquiver. Beautifully written, full of atmosphere and brilliant bad dreams, his tales can trick you into thinking that maybe the worst is over. But with Campbell, the worst is never over… Throw in an ability to make you feel that sometihng lurks beyond the page, something even more frightening than what is so vividly shown, and you have one of the most heart-stoppingly chilling horror novelists today.

Century, London, 1990
80 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 0712621598 · Illusztrálta: Jamel Akib

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