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Inside Iraq's Green Zone
Rajiv Chandrasekaran: Imperial Life in the Emerald City

An ​unprecedented account of life in Baghdad’s Green Zone, a walled-off enclave of towering plants, posh villas, and sparkling swimming pools that was the headquarters for the American occupation of Iraq.

The Washington Post’s former Baghdad bureau chief Rajiv Chandrasekaran takes us with him into the Zone: into a bubble, cut off from wartime realities, where the task of reconstructing a devastated nation competed with the distractions of a Little America—a half-dozen bars stocked with cold beer, a disco where women showed up in hot pants, a movie theater that screened shoot-’em-up films, an all-you-could-eat buffet piled high with pork, a shopping mall that sold pornographic movies, a parking lot filled with shiny new SUVs, and a snappy dry-cleaning service—much of it run by Halliburton. Most Iraqis were barred from entering the Emerald City for fear they would blow it up.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews and internal documents, Chandrasekaran tells the story of… (tovább)

Knopf, New York, 2006
320 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9781400044870

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Eta IP>!
Rajiv Chandrasekaran: Imperial Life in the Emerald City

A megíráson nagyon érződött, hogy újságíró írta, de sajnos az még jobban, hogy igazán senki nem merte megszerkeszteni. Dokumentumkönyv sok-sok ismétléssel. Rohadt fárasztó egy fordítási munka volt, mit ne mondjak… :-)

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