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Rachel Van Dyken: Cheater's Regret Rachel Van Dyken: Cheater's Regret

New ​York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken returns with a smoking-hot story about the satisfaction of plotting revenge on your ex—until he turns your world upside down again.

Austin Rogers’s dreams of domestic bliss involved watching Netflix and eating hot dogs with the love of her life. But then he cheated on her. And dumped her—as if the whole thing was her fault. To maintain her pride and restore her sanity, she decides to get revenge. It feels immensely satisfying to plot her ex’s downfall—but so does kissing him.

Thatch Holloway, a plastic surgeon straight out of residency, knows he ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. But not all cheaters are created equal. He got himself into this messed-up situation—true—but he has his reasons for what happened, and he’d do it all again to protect Austin.

He’s not over her. And she’s not over him.

Austin wants closure, but since Thatch refuses to give it to her, she takes… (tovább)

Skyscape, 2017
286 oldal · ISBN: 1477819975
Brilliance Audio, Grand Haven, 2017

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Rachel Van Dyken: Cheater's Regret

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Egy fokkal az 1. rész jobban tetszett, de ez sem sokkal maradt le tőle.
Austin kellemes csalódás, azt hittem nagyon idegesítő lesz. Szerethető karakter.
Thatch viszont elég gáz, kb az utolsó fejezetekben lett kedvelhető.

Rachel Van Dyken: Cheater's Regret

Az írónő ismét megcsillogtatta jól ismert humorát :)) sokszor hangosan felkacagtam :D valamint igencsak szexire sikeredett ez a kötet, Thatch tud valamit ;) Austin-t is nagyon megkedveltem az összes furcsa szokásával együtt ahogy rajzfilmekből merít ötletet és ahogy az összes létező édességet falja :D Lucas és Avery se maradhatott el természetesen ;) aminek nagyon örültem.

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“She kissed me—”
“She kissed you?”
I held up my hand. “Stay with me. She kissed me, and then my lips started swelling right along with my throat.”
“Son of a bitch,” Lucas muttered. “The kiss of death.” He shuddered. “Kind of has a whole new meaning now, yeah?”
The urge to slap him was strong.
My hand twitched.


“I’m going to kill you.”
“In your Benadryl-induced state?” He snorted. “Hardly. It would be like a turtle chasing a sprinter.” He slapped me on the back. “Just in case you weren’t aware, you’re the turtle in this scenario.”
“Thanks,” I snapped.
“Turtle power.” He threw his fist in the air.


It never once occurred to me that she would be insecure after our relationship ended. Of course, it made sense, I was in the business of fixing flaws, so it was my job to find them.
Only, whenever I was with Austin, the only flaw I saw—was me.


Thatch kissed a woman as if he knew her body better than she did. It was like his lips could sense the perfect amount of pressure to apply in any given kissing scenario. Moaning, gasping, begging for more weren’t just options; they were necessary.
It was survival.
I’d been a victim of his kisses.


He peeled his T-shirt from his body, revealing a six-pack cut from stone right along with pecs that I teased him couldn’t be real.
Men like Thatch shouldn’t exist in the real world—they belonged in vampire novels and paranormal movies.

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“I would kill for a carrot recorder pen.” I yawned and then shared a look with Avery before grinning up at Thatch.
“That look scares me.” He scooted away and then narrowed his eyes. “Just what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?”
“The fact that I’m brilliant.”
“I agree with that if I can add in ‘terrifying’ before the ‘brilliant’ part.”


“I’m not completely comfortable with the way you just lowered your voice and then pointed at me like you were Harry Potter casting an unforgivable curse,” I mumbled to my shifty friend.
“I would never Harry Potter you,” he said in a calm voice. We both took Harry Potter very seriously.


“It probably was—that pesky soy allergy’s a bitch.”
I threw up my hands. “I don’t want to kill him!”
I wanted revenge! Not a death on my hands!
I mean, I would be lying if I said I didn’t often dream about him getting hit by a car, but in my dream, it was almost always a really slow car, driven by a slow grandmother, and he had a few scratches and got what was coming to him.


Avery’s voice made me jump in my seat. “You wanted him to say he was stupid, that he messed up, that Brooke-the-bitch accidently fell across his face, and he had no choice but to kiss her because Obi-Wan Kenobi was whispering in his ear that if he didn’t return the kiss, the Force would leave planet Earth.”


“Tell you what, I’ll admit it’s funny when we can laugh about the spider chasing you onto a couch.”
She jabbed a finger in my direction. “It had superpowers, and you know it!” In a flurry, both hands went into the air. “That bucket was at least five pounds! And he moved it with his head!”

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