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Philippa Gregory: The Wise Woman Philippa Gregory: The Wise Woman Philippa Gregory: The Wise Woman Philippa Gregory: The Wise Woman

In ​this book, originally published after her bestselling debut with the Wideacre trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory takes readers to Henry VIII's England, on a journey to the outer reaches of passion, where magic and female power meet.

Alys joins a nunnery to escape the poverty of her life on the moor with her foster mother, Morach, the local wise woman with whom she lives as an outcast, but she soon finds herself thrown back into the world when Henry VIII's wreckers destroy her sanctuary. Summoned to the castle as the old lord's scribe, she falls obsessively in love with his son Hugo, who is married to Catherine. Driven to desperation by her desire, she summons the most dangerous powers Morach has taught her, but soon the passionate triangle of Alys, Hugo, and Catherine begins to explode, launching them into uncharted sexual waters. The magic Alys has conjured now has a life of its own – a life that is horrifyingly and disastrously out of… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1992

Touchstone, 2008
528 oldal · ISBN: 1416590889
HarperCollins, London, 2002
640 oldal · ISBN: 0006514642

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Philippa Gregory: The Wise Woman

Imádtam a könyvet annak ellenére, hogy Alys karakterét a végén már idegesítőnek találtam. Eleinte még drukkoltam neki, hogy találja meg a boldogságát, a végére már csak pislogtam…
Kíváncsi voltam, hogy hogyan oldja fel a helyzetet Philippa, és még nem tudtam eldönteni, hogy ujjongok-e.

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Hugo was long gone – out hunting with Stephen. Most of the soldiers were fed at their posts by the early night. Alys sat at the lord's side and ate the best bread with him and drank a small cup of hot water with a sprinkling of chamomile on the top.
'What's the brew?' the old lord asked.
'Chamomile', Alys said. 'For calmness.'
The lord gave a snort of amusement. 'Calmness is for the grave' he said. 'I'd rather have panic any day. Tells me I am still alive.'

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