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Philip K. Dick: Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick: Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick: Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick: Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick: Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick: Solar Lottery

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The operating principle was random selection: positions of public power were decided by a sophisticated lottery. Everyone had a chance, everyone could live in hope that they would be chosen to be the boss, the Quizmaster. But with the power came the game – the assassination game – which everyone could watch on TV. Would the new man be good enough to avoid his chosen killer? Which made for fascinating and exciting viewing, compelling enough to distract the public's attention while the Big Five industrial complexes run the world, the solar system and the people, unnoticed and completely unopposed. Then, in 2203, with the choice of a member of a maverick cult as Quizmaster, the system developed a little hitch…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1955

ISBN: 1455814458
Vintage, London, 2009
200 oldal · ISBN: 1400030137
Gollancz, UK, 2003
192 oldal · ISBN: 9780575074552 · Illusztrálta: Chris Moore

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In the early twentieth century the problem of production had been solved; after that it was the problem of consumption that plagued society. In the 1950's and ’60's, consumer commodities and farm products began to pile up in vast towering mountains all over the Western World. As much as possible was given away – but that threatened to subvert the open market. By 1980, the pro tem solution was to heap up the products and burn them: billions of dollars worth, week after week.

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