Tank ​Girl – The Odyssey 1 csillagozás

Peter Milligan: Tank Girl – The Odyssey Peter Milligan: Tank Girl – The Odyssey Peter Milligan: Tank Girl – The Odyssey

A twisted take on Homer's classical Greek epic, The Odyssey, brought to you by Peter Milligan (X-Statix) and Tank Girl co-creator and artist, Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz), the Tank Girl Odyssey makes a few „minor” changes to the original…Booga, husband of Tank Girl, is being wooed by countless Hollywood producers, and without his wife there his resolve is crumbling. Tele, their TV-headed son, knows that he must contact his mother…setting off a chain of events that will see Tank Girl face death itself, the siren call of gothic rock, a cyclopean hotel proprietor, and a host of other scenes and characters from The Odyssey…given the – ahem – „idiosyncratic” Tank Girl treatment! Warning: Adults Only!

Titan Books, London, 2003
104 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781840234947 · ASIN: 1840234946 · Illusztrálta: Jamie Hewlett
DC Comics / Vertigo, Burbank, 1995
puhatáblás · Illusztrálta: Jamie Hewlett

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