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Peter James: Dead Letter Drop Peter James: Dead Letter Drop

As Max Flynn discovers, the British Secret Service have a damn strange method of recruiting. In his case, press-ganging would not be too strong a term.
His assignments are, in his own estimation, no different from anyone else's – they are equally foul. But in one respect at least, his role is untypical. His task is to spy on his own side.

He's good at his job – he leaves no stone unturned, he never lets go – but agents, however good, are dispensable. Wary of the dangers of his profession, Flynn indulges a preference for wearing a jacket that's one size too big rather than a gun that's one size too small.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1981

W. H. Allen, 1981
204 oldal · ISBN: 0491027044

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