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predation, preservation, and accumulation of small mammal bones in caves, with an analysis of the Pleistocene cave faunas from Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset, UK
Peter Andrews: Owls, caves and fossils

Owls, ​Caves and Fossils is the first comprehensive, fully illustrated account of small mammal taphonomy. The study of small mammal remains has previously been neglected in favor of such large mammals as elephants, bovids, and carnivores, partly because the processes by which small mammals become fossils are so poorly understood and partly because the techniques required to study them are often very laborious. Peter Andrews remedies this deficiency by analyzing the taphonomic processes significant in the preservation of small mammal faunas in caves.

Fossil assemblages of the bones of small rodents and insectivores are commonly found in caves throughout the world. Since few such mammals live in caves, the bones were probably accumulated primarily by cave-roosting owls, but also by small carnivores or humans, and occasionally by transport in running water. The fossil remains of small mammals have a unique potential for yielding information about environmental and… (tovább)


232 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 0226020371

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