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P. G. Wodehouse: Heavy Weather P. G. Wodehouse: Heavy Weather P. G. Wodehouse: Heavy Weather

Lord Tilbury's blood pressure is rocketing skywards. The Hon. Galahad Threepwood's decision not to publish his scandalous reminiscences will lose him a small fortune. But he's one of the bulldog breed who don't readily admit defeat.

Monty Bodkin, abruptly given the boot by Lord Tilbury, has taken up his secretarial duties at Blandings Castle, home of Lord Emsworth and his adored pig, Empress of Blandings. There, it seems the publication – or otherwise – of the memoirs is becoming a „cause celebre”.

Three camps are forming: those who want the book published, those who want it suppressed and those who, including Monty on one side and Percy Pilbeam, private detective, on the other, who have been sent to steal it. Whichever side they're on it's bound to involve blackmail, theft and the abduction of the Empress . . .

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1933

Penguin, London, 1966
256 oldal · puhatáblás
Penguin, New York, 1933
250 oldal · ISBN: 9780141181967

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P. G. Wodehouse: Heavy Weather

PGW was at his best here, heaping trouble upon trouble, but somehow I wasn't in the mood for this and took me really long to read it through (expecting 2-3 days and spending around 2 weeks with it instead). Next time I'll only read PGW when I'm not so stressed (work, Christmas…).

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Extraordinarily pretty it made her look, felt Monty, and for an instant stole over him a faint regret for what might have been. Then he thought of Gertrude Butterwick and was strong again.



Too often, when a man of Monty Bodkin's mental powers is plunged in thought, nothing happens at all.


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