Cryptography ​Engineering 0 csillagozás

Design Principles and Practical Applications
Niels Ferguson – Bruce Schneier – Tadayoshi Kohno: Cryptography Engineering

The ​ultimate guide to cryptography, updated from an author team of the world's top cryptography experts.

Cryptography is vital to keeping information safe, in an era when the formula to do so becomes more and more challenging. Written by a team of world-renowned cryptography experts, this essential guide is the definitive introduction to all major areas of cryptography: message security, key negotiation, and key management. You'll learn how to think like a cryptographer. You'll discover techniques for building cryptography into products from the start and you'll examine the many technical changes in the field.

After a basic overview of cryptography and what it means today, this indispensable resource covers such topics as block ciphers, block modes, hash functions, encryption modes, message authentication codes, implementation issues, negotiation protocols, and more. Helpful examples and hands-on exercises enhance your understanding of the multi-faceted field of… (tovább)

Wiley, Hoboken, 2010
384 oldal · ISBN: 9780470474242

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